Prostitution Report 20141212

Prostitution laws could be changed further under Liberals

The Conservatives rewrote the laws two years ago, but critics say the changes put sex workers at increased risk of violence.
Prostitution Study 20140604

Roundup: Canadians respond to the new prostitution law

Even though Bill C-36 came into force last week, the debate is only getting more heated
Prostitution Study 20140604

First national study sheds new light on sex work in Canada

Rachel Browne talks to researchers behind five-year study
Prostitution Study 20140604

Stories we’re watching: A dominatrix’s threat and a Tyson tirade

Also: Liberian minister warns of Ebola’s spread
House of Commons 20130327

Robert Goguen tests the idea that there are no stupid questions

The real questions beyond an unreal question
John Geddes

How the Justice department sees the new prostitution bill surviving

A Justice Canada official explains the strengths of the proposed federal prostitution legislation
Peter MacKay

C-36 and the prostitution debate

The Liberals oppose the bill
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Key Tory MP backs prostitution bill, but urges clarity on where sex can’t be sold

New federal prostitution bill rightly targets buyers but should be more precise, MP says
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Bill C-36: When conservatives and feminists collide

’We seem to have exchanged demonizing women for infantilizing them,’ writes Colby Cosh