provincial elections

The loneliest number

The last Liberal standing in Manitoba

Provincial Liberal leader Jon Gerrard used his own car as a campaign bus


A hypothetical legislature

Last month there was some speculation that once this year’s round of elections was complete, Conservatives (of various partisan affiliations) might occupy more than half of all federal and provincial seats in the country.

Reality will bite back in Ontario

With little to no financial wiggle room, Ontarians shouldn’t hope for much from McGuinty

Ontarians: voting with their butts for Nobody

Get ready for the Voter Turnout Nerds: you’ll be hearing from them today

Dalton McGuinty: Partial Comeback Kid

Six months ago, McGuinty was toast with a stake through his heart


‘The most democratic part of the federal political finance system’

With the end of the per-vote subsidy now in plain sight—hailed via a raving action alert—Duff Conacher mounts another defence of the measure in a note to reporters.

Manitoba’s election: meet the new boss

The Conservatives couldn’t make much headway against NDP leader Greg Selinger


Election night in Manitoba

With early returns now coming in, it appears the NDP is headed for its fourth consecutive majority government in Manitoba. This would be the first time in that province’s history that a party has managed four-straight majorities.

Liberals win second straight majority on P.E.I.

Premier Robert Ghiz survives mid-campaign immigration scandal


Election night in PEI and the NWT

The Liberals appear set to be reelected in Prince Edward Island with 21 22 seats to six five for the Progressive Conservatives. Here’s the applicable Rick Mercer skit.


The coming fall

The Canadian Press, CBC and CTV preview the fall sitting. I’ll have my own scene-setter in the next print edition. In short, it promises to be a busy few months.


Conservative nation

Conservative parties could be on the verge of claiming a majority of the country’s legislative seats.