Quebec Election 2014

Pierre Karl Péladeau

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Martin Patriquin on what he got wrong about the PQ’s star candidate

Video: The story behind our cover story

The real enemy of the sovereignty movement is simply the march of time
Philippe Couillard Suzanne Pilote

Editorial: Time to co-operate with Quebec

Let’s get on with making Canada the best country in the world—together
Pauline Marois

Is Le Tea Party over? It’s up to PQ.

Wrong on sovereignty, wrong on values, Paul Wells explains why the PQ only digs itself deeper
Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois casts her vote in Beaupre

Top 5 stories at 5

Black box promises, Ukranian soldier is killed, a PC candidate, measles warning and Quebec votes

The danger in Twitter campaigns

Paul Wells: You can’t win an election in 140 characters or less
Pierre Karl Péladeau

Against star candidates

The party’s new recruit is famous? Uh-oh.
Bernard Drainville

Big Quebec, little Quebec

Wells: The party of hope often wins in Quebec. This year, that’s not the PQ
Quebec’s Premier Pauline Marois smiles during a news conference before calling an election at the National Assembly in Quebec City

Quebec Votes: Depends what you mean by ’Quebec’

The dispute over who gets to vote is a dispute over who’s a real Quebecer
Pauline Marois

Liveblogging the Quebec election debate

Watching the main event of a surprising campaign