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Hipsters and other Rebel Sells

Many of you have written to draw my attention to the cover story in the current issue of Adbusters, arguing that hipsterdom represents “the dead end of western civilisation” because, unlike previous countercultures, this one “has been stripped of its subversion and originality.”


Maybe John Estacio will write the Right Side Up opera

This is actually really, really good. Potter explains what the hell it is.


Anyone read Buying In?

Rob Walker writes the fun Consumed column in the NYTImes magazine.  He also has a new book out called Buying In: The Secret dialogue between what we buy and who we are which is getting some good press. I haven’t found the time to read it yet, and the Gawker post on the book has Walker drawing “the sad—but unavoidable—conclusion that we are all a bunch of sheep blindly obeying a world of marketing messages.”