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The Power List: Mindy Wight and Khelsilem are pairing real estate with reconciliation

Khelsilem and Wight, young and ambitious, are poised to endow the Squamish people with unprecedented wealth and influence
Shoes sit in front of the Parliament buildings during a ceremony on June 3, 2021 in Ottawa (Adrian Wyld/CP)

John A. Macdonald can wait

Stephen Maher: We are at the beginning, not the end, of a process of reassessing our history, and filling in the silences that are needed to get at the truth
Confederation College library books

A library revamp for reconciliation

Confederation College’s library is undergoing a transformation, which includes new book club initiatives and replacing colonial-era subject headings in the filing system

The long campaign to change McGill’s varsity name

Decades of protest ended in success after McGill students voted to remove ’Redmen’ from their athletes’ jerseys

A father’s letter to his kids: ’You are why everything is not lost’

Before You Go: Edward Piva, a teacher and father of two, on his kids’ curiosity, their own path to reconciliation and Gord Downie’s enduring lessons for Canadians

The glaring omission on the Supreme Court

Heidi Matthews: If we’re going to take reconciliation seriously, Canadian law needs to change, and it needs to start at the top
Author Alicia Elliott (Photograph by Alex Jacobs-Blum)

Alicia Elliott on the spectacular Indigenous renaissance in Canadian arts

And how real reconciliation is going to require an internal reformation within non-Indigenous Canada

Reconciliation on campus: what’s the next step beyond inclusion?

The most transformative approaches to "Indigenization" are off the radar of most universities

Reconciliation on university campuses: ’Two realities, side by side’

Opinion: MacEwan University’s president on advancing Indigenous education and cultures on campus

Reconciliation can’t happen without truth. So why do some suppress it?

Opinion: Indigenous survivors of residential schools continue to be denied their truth by the ignorant—but also by those working toward reconciliation