religious freedom


A Jehovah’s Witness and her deadly devotion

Did a Jehovah’s Witness die after refusing a blood transfusion, and should the state have let it happen?

In defence of the defunct Office of Religious Freedom

The office was certainly flawed, writes Evan Solomon. But the core concept was sound.
Demonstrators gather to protest a controversial religious freedom bill in Indianapolis

Indiana’s elephant in the room

The tables have turned in favour of gay rights in America. The Republican Party is another matter.
value of degrees woman in lecture

No women in my group, please: #YorkU student

York’s support for a student’s request to skip co-ed group meetings launched a backlash

Canadian anti-Muslim sentiment is rising, disturbing new poll reveals

Angus Reid survey reveals a land of intolerance
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The new office of religious freedom

The Prime Minister names a new ambassador
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Four questions: Daniel C. Dennett on the most pervasive and serious threat religion poses to human rights

’It’s the practices that are on the boundaries of what is acceptable to people that raise interesting problems’
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Four questions: Allen Hertzke on why Canada is better positioned than the U.S. to promote religious freedom

And on the difference between protecting it at home and advancing it abroad

Video: Tony Burman on why faith should be kept out of foreign policy

Promoting religious freedom abroad is meant to appease a domestic constituency