Rob Ford

Bill Blair

Bill Blair: Doug Ford’s enemy in the Trudeau cabinet

Paul Wells: Trudeau has put a controversial player onto the political battlefield, and the mere mention of his name makes Doug Ford very angry
Doug Ford

Renata Ford’s June surprise isn’t likely to hurt Doug Ford

Opinion: The response to an explosive revelation late in the 2011 federal campaign suggests that the lawsuit against Doug Ford might not harm his chances
Doug Ford announces book

A Doug Ford victory in the Toronto election would be a win for populism

Rob Ford’s election predicted a global political movement. What will his brother’s campaign tell us?
Nick Kouvalis

How to win like Nick Kouvalis in seven easy steps

Nick Kouvalis helped Rob Ford and John Tory win. This is how one of Canada’s top political strategists hopes to work his magic with Kellie Leitch.

How Nick Kouvalis turns candidates into winners

Nick Kouvalis got Rob Ford elected. Now, he’s the brains behind Kellie Leitch’s populist campaign.
Donald J. Trump Rally In Fort Lauderdale

Could Donald Trump happen in Canada?

Win or lose, Donald Trump has elevated a new kind of politics—one of provocative non-accountability
Rob Ford

What does the Rob Ford video tell us?

It confirms our understanding of a man who was on a highway to hell, but it is knowledge that comes too late
Donald Trump

The bulletproof Donald Trump’s real weakness

Media attacks only confirm to Trump that he’s doing something right. If he has a real weakness, it may be his own hubris.
Diane Ford; Doug Ford Jr.; Stephanie Ford; Renata Ford;

Rob Ford’s final moment of peace

Meagan Campbell on a funeral that offered profound pause from a lifetime hullabaloo
Rob Ford; Doug Ford; Doug Ford Jr.; Stephanie Ford; Renata Ford; Ruth Ford;

A transcript of the eulogies at Rob Ford’s funeral service

Who said what during the funeral for former Toronto mayor Rob Ford