Rogers Cup

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Ball Crew: The other fight to centre court

Meet Ava Dodge, a young tennis player getting a taste of professional courts as a ball crew member for the Rogers Cup. Follow her journey from the tryouts, to racing after balls on the court.

The best photos from the Rogers Cup, Days 8 and 9

The weekend’s top shots from the Canadian tennis tournament, leading up to today’s finals
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The best photos from the Rogers Cup, Days 6 and 7

Images from Canada’s top tennis tournament
Sloane Stephens of the USA serves to Aleksandra Wozniak of Canada.

The best photos from the Rogers Cup

The top tennis players in the world show off their skills on Canadian courts
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10 stories students are talking about today

Murderous felines, sexy engineers, burning buses...
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Five minutes with Milos Raonic

On ping-pong, Gold medals vs. tennis majors and why he won’t tweet Taylor Swift
Star search

Why women’s tennis needs more superstars

A good old-fashioned rivalry at the top could provide a real boost to the next generation of stars
She's got serve

Rebecca Marino’s got serve

How the Vancouver tennis star went from near obscurity to the red carpet at Wimbledon
How to hit a 241 km/h serve

How to hit a 241 km/h serve

Breaking down Milos Raonic’s big swing
The man to beat

Novak Djokovic: the man to beat

Does Djokovic’s rise to the top of the ranking spell the end of the Nadal-Federer era?