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An abandoned U.S. dam is blocking fish from B.C.’s Similkameen River—and key spawning ground

An abandoned dam in Washington state may be the only thing barring chinook and steelhead trout from the upper reaches of B.C.’s Similkameen River. If you tear it down, will they come?

Sockeye salmon stocks are crashing. Long-lost notebooks saw it coming.

The detailed field journals, lost for decades, now reveal today’s salmon stocks are in dramatically worse shape than imagined
GM Salmon 20130104

Canadians ate 4.5 tonnes of unlabelled GM salmon without knowing it this past year

The world’s first shipment of genetically-modified salmon arrived in Montreal last year. After that, it’s impossible to track where it went. Why all the secrecy?
Chinook salmon

The decline of the Chinook salmon threatens a whole way of life

Adam Weymouth tracked the journey of the Chinook salmon by canoe—all 3,000 km of it—and returned with a new respect for the North.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline and Pacific salmon: Red fish, black gold

Opinion: Understanding how a Dilbit spill would affect sockeye during the early life stages of salmon can help prepare us for a future we hope won’t happen

The sockeye salmon’s incredible, vital journey

From 2014: The 4,000-km migration of sockeye salmon to their Adams River birthplace is the most extraordinary migration in the natural world
Sockeye salmon journey 20101007

New information gives salmon expert pause on mine leak impact

Carl Walters, who has been studying B.C. salmon for 40 years, finds new reason to worry about the Mount Polley leak’s effect on salmon run
Sockeye salmon journey 20101007

Salmon expert: Tailings pond leak won’t affect sockeye salmon run

A sober second thought on the ’eco-babble’ about the mine-waste leak at Mount Polley, B.C. affecting what may be a record-breaking salmon run
Netflix Launch

Good news, bad news

NASA tests, the renovation of the Bluenose II, and the perils of binge-watching
You’ll absolutely love ‘minkfish’

You’ll absolutely love ‘minkfish’

Why don’t Canadians eat more of what turns out to be a very fine fish?