The 2019 election revealed that sexism is status quo

Anne Kingston: Misogynistic slurs, masculinity contests and lack of discussion of issues affecting all women serve as a blaring wake-up call

How one woman challenged Canada’s macho rock-climbing world

Jan Redford’s memoir about rock-climbing, family life and feminism is right on time for the age of #MeToo
Left to right: Bardish Chagger, Karen Vecchio, Nikki Ashton, Patty Hajdu, Catherine McKenna, Marilyn Gladu, and Elizabeth May. (Photograph by Jessica Deeks)

Sexual harassment has long festered on the Hill. Now, female MPs from all parties are saying ‘enough’

From cabinet ministers to volunteers, dozens of women say sexual harassment and violence on Parliament Hill have gone unchecked for too long
Canada’s Environment Minister Catherine McKenna takes part in a news conference during the First Ministersí meeting in Ottawa

On ’Climate Barbie,’ and the plight of the Man Un-Laughed-With

Tabatha Southey pours one out for the men who relish cheap, crass jokes at the expense of women—which are now being met with silence
Jen Agg. (Renée Rodenkirchen)

Jen Agg dishes on the food biz

Toronto’s Jen Agg insists she’s always been pilloried for doing things male restaurateurs do

Canadian politics are sexist. What are men going to do about it?

Female politicians are speaking up about the harassment they experience on the regular, but the issue won’t improve until men stop staking their masculinity on power.
The grave of women?s suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony is covered with “I Voted” stickers left by voters in the U.S. presidential election

Hillary Clinton’s qualifications were no match for sexism

Hillary Clinton has failed, writes Anne Kingston—as do the dreams of suffragettes with her

Planes, trains, and shaking up the family business

Feb 12: Bombardier brings in a new CEO, and an early test for QE in the eurozone. Plus, do women make better fund managers?
Screen grab of We Need To Talk. CBS

Can we talk? Sports is still a man’s world.

Emma Teitel on professional sports’ latest sexist follies
woman on campus

The real danger for women on campus

Instead of drinking, focus on the sex predators next door