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Mohammad Shafia

Shafia ’honour killers’ lose bid for new trial

’Charitably put, the evidence of guilt was overwhelming,’ reads an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling
Hamed Mohammed Shafia

What’s in a number? For Hamed Shafia, it may mean a new trial

Michael Friscolanti on why the age of Hamed Shafia, accused in the killing of his sisters, is such a mystery—and why it matters

Shafia ’honour killers’ do not deserve a new trial: Crown

Why Mohammad Shafia’s own words may sink his case for a retrial
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Was Hamed Shafia a teenager when he murdered his sisters?

A closer look at the controversial documents that could win the convicted "honour killer" a new trial—in youth court
Tooba Mohammad Yahya; Mohammad Shafia; Hamed Mohammed Shafia

Inside the Shafia killings that shocked a nation

From the archives: Michael Friscolanti’s longread tells the whole story of the Shafia "honour killings"

Shafia family ’honour killers’ fight for new trial

Lawyers for the imprisoned trio argue that 2012 guilty verdicts may have been ’tainted by cultural prejudice’

Shafia ’honour killers’ do not deserve new trial: Crown

In newly filed documents at Ontario’s Court of Appeal, prosecutors reject claim that the convicted murderers were victims of ’cultural stereotyping’
Mohammad Shafia

Was ’cultural prejudice’ a factor in the Shafia trial?

The Shafia-family ‘honour killers’ say they were victims of stereotyping. Michael Friscolanti reports on the latest in the case.
The Honour Killing Trial - Chapter 1

The Shafia honour killing trial–Chapter 1

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