Stanley Cup

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How artist Stan Douglas recreates scenes of political unrest

With his latest exhibit, "2011 ≠ 1848," Douglas represented Canada at the Venice Biennale
President Trump Welcomes NHL Champion Pittsburgh Penguins To White House

The Penguins don’t have to defend their White House visit

Opinion: Outspoken athletes should be applauded for entering public debate, but they shouldn’t be punished for staying in their lane

It takes a village, actually

Daniel Cleary was the first Newfoundlander to have his name etched on the Stanley Cup, thanks in large part to his childhood coach Dick Power
2014 Stanley Cup

Cherry Picker: Choose your ideal NHL team by its Canadian-ness

Are you a Canadian hockey fan desperate for a reason to cheer? Use our tool to find the right Canadian-ish bandwagon for you
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres

Could Canada’s hockey teams be any worse? Nope.

Canada supplies the NHL nearly half of its players, and a ton of revenue. But it may not qualify a team for the playoffs.

What it feels like to be the keeper of the Stanley Cup

Looking after the Stanley Cup is more intense than you might realize. The high-stakes job, which requires white cotton gloves to make sure the cup stays shiny and fingerprint-free, gives you serious NHL bragging rights in the Great White North. This is what it’s like to be the keeper of the National Hockey League’s highest honour.
Jonathan Toews

Why there’s no faking a playoff beard

It’s one of the last symbols of male solidarity

Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions: ’Tears of joy. And blood’

Two goals in 17 seconds: ’I don’t believe what I just saw’
Who to cheer for in the Stanley Cup playoffs

Who to cheer for in the Stanley Cup playoffs

Are we allowed to root for the other Canadian teams?
Brian Burke

Six reasons Brian Burke had to go

GM’s off-ice bluster and bombast never translated into success for the Leafs