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Traders at the NYSE in late February; fears over COVID prompted a stock market plunge (Scott Heins/Getty Images)

This year has proven that the stock market has no bearing on our grim economic reality

Long treated as a key economic indicator by many, it is now completely detached from how the economy is actually doing. (Which is badly.)
BC Tweed Joint Venture on the outskirts of Vancouver B.C. in Delta and Aldergrove BC. (Jen Osborne/Redux)

Why legal pot was taking a hit in Canada, weeks before COVID-19 sent markets plunging

The gains cannabis companies were banking on in the lead-up to legalization of recreational sales in October 2018 have not materialized. So, what went sideways?
All the world markets including the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) suffered huge losses at concerns over COVID-19 (coronavirus) begin to increase

Canada’s stock market collapse is like nothing we’ve ever seen before

That doesn’t mean the stock market should be shut down until Covid-19 panic has passed

It’s a scary world, but for investors fear can be a dangerous emotion

Stock markets tumbled after news of the coronavirus’s spread. But we’ve been here before and markets always bounce back. Experts share their advice for the worriers.
An image of President-elect Donald Trump appears on a television screen on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 9, 2016

Trump says markets will crash if he’s impeached. Don’t count on it.

Neither history nor recent market reactions fully support the president’s claims

Canada’s stock market is the worst in the world

As an energy bear market weighs on the TSX, investors are missing out on tech

Donald Trump’s tweets about rising stock prices plotted against the market decline

Trump’s tweets boasting about rising stock prices look foolish now, which is why politicians wisely avoid commenting on the markets
Dow Jones Industrials’ Massive One Day Drop Of 4.6 Percent Rattles Markets Overseas

Donald Trump is the stock market’s desperate ex-boyfriend

Tabatha Southey: Donald Trump loves to talk about the stock market—but as it tumbles, he seems to be trying to emotionally manipulate it back to life
Dollar Markets 20160104

The lessons we can learn from the stock market in 2017

Last year was a colourful stretch in the bull market—but it wasn’t very rewarding for Canadian stocks

Why stock markets are so calm in the age of Donald Trump

A rare confluence of positives has created a buffer between Washington and Wall Street. But gradually, those positives will fade.