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Rathgeber backstab: Whodunit?

Exactly which Conservatives voted to mutilate that Rathgeber private member’s bill, anyway?

The $100,000 club: Who’s really making big money these days

Canada’s new upper class: firefighters, police officers, teachers
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Nearly 14,000 Ontario university employees make six figures

Many profs and admins in top one per cent
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Knocking on the glass ceiling

Although female students have outnumbered their male counterparts for decades, male professors still rule the roost in academia
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Which uni presidents make more than Obama?

Compared to politicians, they’re overpaid. But compared to CEOs, they’re a bargain
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Who is Ontario’s most highly paid professor?

Highest paid are in business, medicine
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Financial crisis in the university sector? What crisis?

To look at the presidents’ paychecks, you’d never know universities were desperately short of cash
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College presidents: gaining on their more highly paid university peers

The pay of college executives still trails that of universities, but they’re catching up
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Who’s in the $500,000 club?

Who is Canada’s most highly paid academic? Surprise: he isn’t a university president