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The slip-up in the Liberals’ biggest policy promise

The details of duelling $6-billion tax pledges from Trudeau and Scheer deserve a closer look, including one not-insignificant omission

The Liberal changes to TFSA contributions were actually historic

In rolling back TFSA contribution limits, the Liberals broke a nearly six decade trend
Stephen Harper Joe Guido

Why the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit is such a bad idea

With taxpayers worried about government spending, we should demand better than the renewal of a credit that represents a wasteful use of tax revenues
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What a child benefit policy can and should do (beyond buying votes)

Let’s not forget that a well-designed child benefits policy can improve well-being, employment, and kids’ lives
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Income-splitting isn’t about the rich and the rest

Middle-class benefits make it a different debate
Kevin Milligan

What President Obama’s tax proposals mean for Canada

Expect to see more talk of how tax policy should adjust to the new “Piketty era” of economic inequality
Stephen Harper;  Laureen Harper

Sorting out who wins with Harper’s family tax package

For families making $180,000-plus, a $1,452 average tax cut
Stephen Harper;  Laureen Harper

Harper makes his family tax platform harder to tear apart

John Geddes on the politics behind the family tax platform

Note to the NDP (and everyone else): the popular tax hikes don’t increase tax revenues

Stephen Gordon on good politics and not very good economics
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Dealing with inequality, part I: The bottom 99 per cent

Stephen Gordon on why you should love the GST/HST