Tiananmen Square

Hong Kong Tiananmen Anniversary

Afternoon 5: Remembering Tiananmen Square, 25 years later

Also: A new prostitution law in Canada and even more allegations against the brothers Ford
Tiananmen Square 300×300

Columbia University prof live-tweets Tiananmen Square events

Professor tweets as if the events are currently taking place on 25th anniversary massacre
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Statue to honour Tiananmen Square victims tossed out

Not a political decision: York University
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The oracle of Tangshan

Li Lu helped lead the Tiananmen Square uprising. Now he’s in line to succeed Warren Buffett.
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Remembering Tiananmen

A cartoon has evoked June 1989
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The men who threw egg on Mao

An exclusive excerpt from a new book by Denise Chong tells a harrowing story
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’It didn’t happen’

China’s youth swallow the ‘official’ account of Tiananmen Square
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Tiananmen: The cover-up continues

Police and quiet protests mark the 20th anniversary of the bloody crackdown in Beijing
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Tiananmen: 20 years later

On the 20th anniversary of the massacre, police block access to Tiananmen Square in Beijing while 150,000 attend a vigil in Hong Kong
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Hooliganism prisoner free after 20 years

June 4, 1989: army moves on protesters in Tiananmen Square