WEA Tornado 20180921

The aftermath of the Ottawa-Gatineau tornado

Power could be out in the nation’s capital for days after a powerful storm tore through the area. ’It looked like something you’d see in a movie.’
Storm Chasers Monitoring Approaching Tornado in Western Kansas

’Run! It’s coming this way’: What it’s like at the centre of a tornado

‘My husband had to pry her hand away from that table. She never did hear me screaming for her.’

How storm surges, landslides and tornadoes can make hurricanes even more dangerous

Climatologist David Phillips explains how hurricanes can trigger more natural disasters, which make recovery that much more difficult for devastated areas.
Water Spout Lake Michigan

11 freakish events caused by tornados

Lost trousers, a missing baby and a pig in a tree
Tornado aftermath in Angus, Ontario

A drone’s-eye view of the tornado aftermath in Angus, Ontario

Recreational videographer Steve Jolliffe captures the devastation in his Angus neighbourhood with a video-equipped ’Hexacopter’
APTOPIX Severe Weather

5 at 5: Southern U.S. braces for more storms, potential tornadoes

Also: More sanctions against Russia, Assad for president, Internet Explorer flaws and a potentially explosive whale
goderich tornado

Tornado prevents exam on natural disasters

Test was to take place in Goderich, Ont.
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Huge twister rips through Goderich, kills one

Tornado leaves small Ontario town devastated
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Deadliest tornado in U.S. history strikes Missouri

118 people dead as Joplin residents endure aftermath
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Is your home tornado-proof?

Everybody talks about tornadoes, but nobody does anything about protection