U.S. customs officers stand at the U.S.-Canada border in Lansdowne, Ont., on March 22, 2020 (LARS HAGBERG/AFP via Getty Images)

While Trump eyes tariffs, Americans really want more Canada

A new poll of U.S. attitudes show that Americans want less ’America first’ and a lot more Canada. A third of them would even prefer to live here.

Brexit is done. Now it’s time to pay the price.

Andrew MacDougall: Boris Johnson wants a Canada-style free trade deal with Europe. Good luck with that.

Canada’s Brexit talks with the U.K.: There are none

Paul Wells: Britain’s foreign secretary spewed encouraging words about Canada-U.K. relations after Brexit. Freeland didn’t need to say a thing.

What a trade war with China would do to Canada

Canada would survive a full-scale trade war with China, but it would offer a painful lesson on how much we now rely on that country
Justin Trudeau Li Keqiang

Who lost China? And how was Canada supposed to win it?

Paul Wells: Some old hands think Canada should have tipped off China in the Huawei case. Their advice says a lot about what’s changed in Ottawa.

The most important charts to watch in 2019

Our fifth annual bonanza of more than 70 charts to help you make sense of the economy in the year ahead

What a Democrat-controlled House means for the new NAFTA deal

Canadian officials believe that Trump’s USMCA will proceed as planned, but a more tense, polarized Washington carries economic implications
Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s next trade challenge: free trade at home

As the PM and the premiers prepare to talk interprovincial trade, our latest poll finds opinion solidly for scrapping barriers—with politically tricky regional differences

In Mexico, the USMCA means life goes on

With a new president, Mexico badly needed a trade deal with America, and it’s good that Canada is around—but the ’new NAFTA’ elicits a collective shrug, and seems to change little
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Why did Donald Trump bring up the Chevrolet Impala?

The car he brought up amid high-stakes NAFTA negotiations has a long assembly history in Canada