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How Canada’s housing crisis is fuelling violence on our public-transit systems

“I’ve worked in public transit for nearly 40 years, and I’ve never seen things so bad”
Noor and Jake. (Hadani Ditmars)

Why a lone Good Samaritan stepped up in a Vancouver attack on Muslim teen

’Hate crimes and racism exist in Canada’: When Noor Fadel experienced an alleged Islamophobic attack, only Jake Taylor intervened—bonding the pair
Toronto Downtown and Trains Light Trails

What Canadians think of travel and transportation

Would Canadians get in a self-driving car, how much time do we spend commuting and more.
UK Train Travel

Why the escalator etiquette of ’stand right, walk left’ is wrong

Whether riding escalators or merging traffic, people feel they know what’s fair—and it’s messing with the work of transit operators and traffic planners
TTC Rush Hour Traffic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A surprisingly cheery history of urban commuting

Ian Gately’s ’Rush Hour’ on why we seem to love the commute every bit as much as we complain about it
Kevin Milligan

What B.C.’s transit plebiscite tells us about voters and taxation

If voters are using their ballot to express views on other issues, allowing them more ways to vent democratic steam might solve the problem
Toronto’s Union Station

Toronto mayoral race: Battle of the subways

Who has the best vision for public transit?
ferrari at UBC

What’s behind the University of Beautiful Cars?

Tumblr blog points out UBC’s Bentleys, Ferraris... and buses
99 bline

Students sick of being passed by buses

Wait for better transit to campus keeps getting longer
Robert Smith from the Cure

Osheaga lineup, Cuddle Parties & #upeimentalhealth

What students are talking about today (March 12th)