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How Canada’s housing crisis is fuelling violence on our public-transit systems

“I’ve worked in public transit for nearly 40 years, and I’ve never seen things so bad”

How to address sex assault on the subway line

A Toronto Transit Commission report finds sexual assault on public transit is rising—yet remains underground
Toronto’s Union Station

Toronto mayoral race: Battle of the subways

Who has the best vision for public transit?
Toronto’s Union Station

The road to Toronto’s transit woes

How did the city wind up here? One debacle at a time, writes Ivor Tossell
Rob Ford

Rob Ford fumbles again, but he doesn’t seem to care

Emma Teitel on the Toronto mayor’s football and transit debacle
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The many ways bus drivers can be mean

They’re overworked and overtired, sure. They’re also unapologetically surly.
You can't fight city hall

Rob Ford can’t fight city hall

His enemies roused, his brother a liability, Canada’s toughest mayor comes undone
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Fighting crime? There’s an App for that

Stealing someone’s iPhone doesn’t work out so well if it’s equipped with GPS
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TTC wants to renege on part-time student transit pass

If an unbalanced budget is the concern, pass shouldn’t be extended to some groups in favour of others
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The biggest hurdle to reform: unions

COYNE: The most effective deterrent to reform is the power of public sector unions to make their lives miserable