Warren Buffett


What it takes to grow Canada’s national nest egg

As head of the massive Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Mark Wiseman is having to take bigger bets and bigger risks to ensure the pension fund keeps growing
Warren Buffett

Buffett offers $1 billion for March Madness prediction

’Fire up the flux capacitor!’ The odds of winning are 9.2 quintillion to 1.

Heinz: spilling blood and ketchup

Barbara Amiel on the losses of Leamington Ont.
Warren Buffett

Lessons from billionaires on the right way to give away money

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge goes global
The Warren Buffett of B.C.

Jim Pattison, the Warren Buffett of B.C.

The octogenarian billionaire is still growing his Vancouver-based empire. His latest move takes him back to the business that started it all: selling cars.
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Warren Buffett reveals tax bill

Billionaire’s federal tax rate works out to 17.4 per cent