Fipke at his home (Photograph by Kathleen Fisher)

A developer is building condos in a Kelowna millionaire’s front yard. Let the battle begin.

Diamond-mining magnate Chuck Fipke is launching a lawsuit against the developer and the City to save his slice of the waterfront
The 11,000-sq.-foot house sits next to Hwy. 22 outside Calgary (Photograph by Sam Kazerooni)

The mystery mansion near Calgary that has everyone talking

The 11,000-sq.-foot residence’s front door is protected by statues of life-sized golden horses, and a golden chariot helmed by a giant winged man, also in gold
Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland delivers the 2020 fiscal update in the House of Commons on Nov. 30, 2020 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

How to tax the wealthy without a ’wealth tax’

Michael Smart: To boost fairness, productivity and government revenue, tax capital gains
Workers in personal protective equipment bury bodies in a trench on Hart Island in New York during the state’s spring surge of coronavirus deaths (John Minchillo/AP/CP)

The pandemic has finally busted the myth that rich countries can overcome anything

The awful response to the pandemic put the final nail in the myth of liberal democracy’s pre-eminence
Influencers like @joellefriend use the company, Sky Helicopters for their social media sites (Sky Helicopters)

Appearing wealthy on social media has become its own industry

Wannabes looking to ’flex’ on Instagram and TikTok are using Photoshop, renting luxury goods—and in rare cases, committing criminal fraud
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Canada’s richest communities 2019

The richest place in Canada has an average household net worth of $4.5 million
Blackberrry AGM

The super-rich get super-richer

The heads of Canada’s biggest corporations now earn 184 times more than the average Canadian, but efforts to limit CEO pay are proving remarkably difficult
canadian money-featured

The new milestone for the world’s richest that’s coming in 2016

2016 is the year when the world’s wealthiest one per cent will get richer than everyone else combined
The rich really are different

The rich really are different

The rise of a ‘money culture’ gone wild

Wealthy couples argue about money, too

More money means more chance for dysfunction, says author Deborah Price