Canadian universities tackle legal cannabis with wildly different policies

Plus, where do students report the highest rates of marijuana use?

Why the weed stock boom is about to bust

While there is long-term potential, investors should wait at least a year before even considering buying into the sector.

With its patchwork of half-baked, absurd laws, Canada isn’t ready for legal weed

Canada is about to usher in the era of legal marijuana with laws and rules that contradict other ones elsewhere in the country—or even just across a bridge. Did it have to be like this?
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Why I traded in my wine for weed

I stopped smoking marijuana years ago. But with pot being pitched as the answer to everything from stress to sleeplessness, I decided to find out if cannabis is the fastest route to wellness. Introducing the new world of weed.
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How well do the Liberals know cannabis slang?

The Liberal government compiled a list of cannabis slang. Let’s see how many terms Canadians have actually heard before.
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What Canadians think about alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes

Our survey results lay bare Canadian’s vices from who’s most likely to try pot, to how often we drink.
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Will our weed ever be as free as our grapes?

The Liberal leader reignites the marijuana debate
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Cannabis course sold out

Seminar at UBC will train medical marijuana entrepreneurs
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Students aren’t getting the facts about marijuana

Research shows links to mental illness, lung capacity
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Drug dealer blames student debt

Gets house arrest instead of jail