Kenney announces the results of the referendum on unity in Calgary on July 22, 2017 (Jeff McIntosh/CP)

The splintering of the right in Alberta: 338Canada

Phillippe J. Fournier: The latest Alberta election projection puts the NDP in majority territory, with mounting evidence the UCP’s 2019 path to victory won’t work in 2023
Joe Ceci, Rachel Notley

Alberta budget 2015: Judgment day comes in Edmonton

It wasn’t quite a revolution. After months of speculation, Alberta’s NDP government outlines its not-so-original economic plan
Brian Jean

Not the Brian Jean show: A Q&A with the Wildrose leader

Why Wildrose Leader Brian Jean believes the election proved his party belongs to a movement, not him
Rachel Notley

Say hello to Alberta’s new big-money party

The Alberta Tories have kissed their fundraising edge goodbye, as well as the corporate donations they’ve long been reliant on.
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What would energy look like under a Wildrose government?

Where Wildrose leader Brian Jean stands on the pace of oil sands development, carbon pricing, and what Alberta should do with its oil wealth
Danielle Smith

The last of Danielle Smith

She lacked a natural gift for politics, but the former Wildrose Party leader’s impact on this era of Alberta politics is significant
Colby Cosh

In defence of the Wildrose defectors

The floor-crossing was widely characterized as an attack on democracy. The truth? Alberta will get over it fast, writes Colby Cosh.
Colby Cosh

Behind the uproar in Alberta

Colby Cosh on the ad-hoc, crazy-quilt nature of an inevitable revolt in Alberta
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In Alberta, Conservatives can truly be conservative

The Id vs. Superego of Tory revolts
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Pollsters were wildly off the mark in Alberta’s election

Voters decided they needed a salesperson to pitch Alberta, and its oil. Wildrose didn’t fit the bill