Year Ahead 2018

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Five to Watch in 2018: World

From Nicola Sturgeon to Mark Zuckerberg, these are the five political figures to watch around the world.

Five to Watch in 2018: Culture

Drake, Tatiana Maslany and three more Canadian in culture with major projects in the works for 2018.

2018 will be the year of allyship

Privileged people need to start helping in a way that is neither performative nor shiny

Why 2018 will be the year of Indigenous youth

Only when Canada gives its unwavering attention to its Indigenous communities will it see the potential

The Maclean’s Year Ahead quiz: What do you know about 2018?

Take our trivia test about what lies ahead in 2018, and try to tackle the score of Peter Dyakowski—a CFL lineman, and one of Canada’s smartest people
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Wild, weird and wonderful things to watch for around the world in 2018

From flying taxis to a new royal baby, here are some notable things to watch for around the globe in the year ahead
cyber security university program

2018 will be the year of cyberwar

The cyberattacks of the past year can only hint at the coming weaponization of security flaws

Is 2018 the year that democracy reaches its tipping point?

Liberal democracy isn’t the only game in town. And 2018 may usher in more decay of our preferred political system.

Reviewing 2017 like a movie: Unrealistic plots, cartoonish characters

Humour: It was a year so surreal, it felt like something out of a movie. So it only makes sense to review 2017 as if it was one.

Jagmeet Singh’s decision to skip a seat in Parliament could pay off

The new NDP leader won’t be an MP, but with Parliament descending into a place of ’mayhem and theatre,’ that may give Singh an edge.