Add another to the enemies list (II)

Michael Ignatieff selflessly beseeches the Prime Minister to spare the rest of the population and direct all anger at him.

I was shocked to read that Prime Minister Harper has again attacked a private citizen for expressing views on public policy that are perceived to be at odds with his government’s agenda. The Prime Minister’s behaviour is beneath the office he holds.  As an elected Member of Parliament, I am used to being on the receiving end of Mr. Harper’s style of politics.  But I draw the line at Mr. Harper’s attacks on members of the public.  The Prime Minister must withdraw these comments and apologize to Mr. Clark.

Whether or not one agrees with Mr. Clark’s advice, he is the CEO of one of Canada’s largest and most respected financial institutions, and he should be free to offer his opinion on Canada’s fiscal policy without fear of reprisal to his business or personal smears to his reputation from the Conservative government. This is the second time in a week that the Prime Minister has crossed the line in civil public discourse by maligning the reputation of a citizen for disagreeing with the Conservative government. Last week, former finance official Scott Clark was attacked by the Prime Minister, adding to the long list of non-partisans like Linda Keen, Peter Tinsley and Paul Kennedy who have been maliciously accused of partisanship for voicing their disagreement with his government’s policies.

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