BTC: If you were the Environment Minister, you'd feel insulted right now

Jason Kenney’s downstairs right now in the National Press Theatre. We know this not because we’re there or because we’re watching it on CBC (the nation’s news network, for the record, cut away from a press conference about a major policy announcement in Canada to show a press conference about mortgage fraud arrests in the United States).

No, we know this because Kenney’s office sent out not one, but two press releases this morning announcing his appearance and also helpfully called the bureau requesting our attendance.

Anyway. There are surely plenty of questions to ask Mr. Kenney at the moment. For instance.

Could you, Mr. Kenney, show us where in the secretary of state for multiculturalism’s mandate there is mention of environmental or taxation policy? Are you Minister of the Environment now? If not, why isn’t John Baird here? Does the government not think highly enough of Mr. Baird to put him front and centre on this issue? Or does the government not think highly enough of its own rhetoric?

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