BTC: Prime Ministerial lawsuit watch

Uh oh. While Gilles Duceppe rarely disappoints when he ventures into English, his response to a reporter’s question this afternoon will almost surely win him a lawsuit, this Prime Minister so litigious about protecting his universally acclaimed image.

Reporter: Mr. Duceppe, when the government or Mr. Harper says you’re the (inaudible) father of in-and-out, (inaudible).

Gilles Duceppe: I mean he’s lying. He’s lying and he know his file. That I know from Stephen Harper. I know him personally. But he’s just lying because we had no accusation of Elections Canada and no raid. We were reimbursed. We went in court against one of our candidates at the time because he didn’t respect his own signature and we won. So just the opposite. And we didn’t accuse of Elections Canada of being partial. So what he’s trying to do is just to manipulate the public opinion. This is Stephen Harper. He’s a control freak and I think seriously that after God and maybe before him this is Harper

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