BTC: Quoting names

The implicated 66 are slowly being tracked down and contacted by the media hordes. Herein, a collection of their accounts.

George Noble: “That’s not fair to me to answer that because I don’t know.”

Cynthia Downey: “”We thought when it came in that it was some funds to help us with our local riding campaign, but only to find out a few days later that it was to be returned to the party headquarters. All I know is that that cheque came in, and went out.”

Elizabeth Pagtakhan: “As much as I want to help you, I can not comment on anything. Maybe one of these days I will. But it’s totally inappropriate for me to comment now.”

Helen Sterzer: “I’ve been ordered not to discuss it.”

Steve Halicki: “Local candidates have been freeloading on national budgets, getting free coverage and free media stuff without having to belly up to the bar as they say. What they did in this case was actually ask candidates to belly up to the bar. I benefited immensely from the national stuff and it was only fair that I should … be responsible for a portion of the expenses.”

Don Gilis: “It only came up once and the idea was just dropped.”

David Marler: “”He phoned me up and said, ‘I just want to let you know, that the party is going to deposit $30,000 in your campaign account in the next day or two and then withdraw it immediately. We just wanted to let you know that so you don’t fuss about it. It’s just an in and out.

“I said to him, Well what’s that about? He said, ‘Don’t you worry about it. It’s just going to happen and it has nothing to do with you.’

“I said it does have something to do with me because that is my campaign account and I’ve got to make sure that it is managed properly.

“He said ‘This is the party speaking, Mr. Marler. We do what we like.’

“I said, I’m sorry, I’m not going to permit that to happen unless I understand exactly what it is.”

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