BTC: Seen and heard

Out for a walk along Elgin St. in Ottawa on Saturday and came across Pierre Poilievre, dressed in a sensible blue shirt and less sensible long pants. What, you might ask, was Mr. Poilievre doing out on this warm weekend afternoon?

Good question. His riding of Nepean-Carleton does not extend so far north as to include that busy stretch of Elgin (one of the few spots in Ottawa you can use the term “busy stretch” to describe). So if he was looking to make amends with constituents, he was far off course.

But back to the relevant details. Or at least the seemingly relevant details. Because Mr. Poilievre wasn’t just wandering about, sipping coffee and shopping at Mags & Fags.

No, the honourable member was chatting up one of those good natured young persons that are periodically dispatched by Greenpeace to stand on the sidewalk and guilt passers-by into stopping and donating. Indeed, Mr. Poilievre, that most devoted of disciples to the conservative cause, and the young hippie from Greenpeace stood and chatted good-naturedly for quite some time. 

I regret only that I didn’t stick around long enough to see whether Pierre was eventually convinced to join his new friend in saving the whales. As improbable as that may seem, given that the next day one local columnist was outright calling for him to be voted out of office, Pierre is probably well-advised to be keeping his options open.