BTC: Sweet clarity

So the Prime Minister’s chief of staff did speak with at least one reporter in that budget lock-up. And he did pass on information he thought to be true about an American presidential campaign’s discussions with Canadian officials concerning NAFTA. But because he lacked firsthand knowledge of the discussions themselves and incorrectly identified the campaign in question, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Is that about right?


The headline at the Toronto Star right now? “Aide’s role cited in leak report.”

The headline at the CBC? “Report clears PM’s chief of staff in NAFTAgate controversy.”

CTV’s story manages to name Brodie just twice.

Meanwhile, Jack Layton, whom the Prime Minister once publicly lauded for pursuing this story, is unimpressed. “This was a report prepared by employees of Mr. Harper, about employees of Mr. Harper that concluded that nothing could be found that could be pinned on the employees of Mr. Harper in any definitive or final sense.”

And the Liberals are calling it a “whitewash.”

Fantastic way to end the week.

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