BTC: The liberal MSM strikes again

So while our Kady is working hard to apply some level of truth to this business of the Conservative gas pump ads, CTV.ca is currently leading with a story entitled “Liberals show divisions on timing of carbon tax plan.” The evidence of such a rift? A blog post by Garth Turner. One that concludes, “fear cannot be allowed to reign. Nobody ever profited taking advice from the cheap and the tawdry. This morning, they surround us.”

Declares CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief: “We know that the (Liberal) caucus is really divided about it (the carbon tax) but nobody has really publicly come out and talked about it but now we’re starting to see that these Tory attack ads are having their effect.”

Of course, those attack ads don’t appear to have actually run anywhere yet (aside, of course, from some kids here in Ottawa handing out flyers.)

Helpfully, CTV.ca provides a link within their lead story to the new Conservative website.

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