BTC: The truth of Pierre Poilievre—revealed!

As noted here at various points, the opposition Liberals don’t tend to take Pierre Poilievre very seriously. But, lo and behold, that’s entirely the point.

From the Hill Times today. “But the choice of Mr. Poilievre for the job is a curious one. It appears to be part of a Tory strategy to downplay the seriousness of the controversy.”

Really? Do go on.

“He’s a good soldier, and he’s young so he’ll do what’s asked of him without too much questioning,” said the Conservative source. “He’s known to stick strictly and strongly to the party line.” 

And yet.

It’s said that, on occasion, Mr. Poilievre has been criticized even by his caucus colleagues for being too forceful or consistent in his attacks, which if made inopportunely, can backfire. “Pierre can be a little bit smarmy. That doesn’t always rub people in your own party well,” the Conservative source said, especially when the Tories are already facing criticism that the party lacks warmth. “He’s young, he’s cocky, he’s aggressive, and he sees himself as a bit of a ball biter.” 

Well, we’ve all got to have goals.

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