Caption Challenge Vol. 2, No. 1

Scott Feschuk urges you to come up with something funny/clever/both for the picture above

Welcome back. As you may have read, the Monday Caption Challenge was prorogued over New Year’s and is today being reconstituted as Monday Caption Challenge Vol. 2. This is certain to stymie any and all investigations into whether we’ve been complicit in the torture of innocent verb tenses.

(Once again, I am playing chess while the rest of you are playing checkers – which may help to explain why I am so very, very lonely.)

For our first challenge of 2010, we go all the way back to the year 2009 – an innocent time when men were men, dogs walked on four legs and Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga ruled the album charts (though not yet as a Hall & Oates-style duo).

I snagged this Korea-based photograph from the Prime Minister’s official website, which as of this morning continued to make no reference whatsoever to the little holiday incident in which his hubris grew three sizes that day and he prorogued Parliament. Again. (One more time and it will become a holiday tradition on par with watching It’s a Wonderful Life and stringing lights on Mike Duffy.)

Why the silence on the PM’s site? Perhaps the prorogation never happened! Or perhaps Stephen Harper got all the way to the top of Mount Crumpit and then, hearing the heartfelt singing of the opposition parties below, decided to rocket back down to Ottawa and return everyone’s democracy. If so, the joke’s on him because that “heartfelt singing” was actually just Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae squealing during a Christmas slap fight.

Where was I? Right. Caption challenge. Come up with something funny/clever/both for the picture above. Submit it in the comments below. Tomorrow will bring voting and a lovely prize as sponsored by…. Feschuk.Reid? Sure, why not. Feschuk.Reid: Because No One Else Will Apparently Sponsor This Thing.

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