Highlights from the Globe's continuing coverage of the national chess championships

December 31For anyone who believes that our governments should be honest, open and accountable, this is a travesty. But it’s devilishly clever.

January 13A word that many had not heard of and few could spell has suddenly become the latest tactically clever move by the Conservatives that turned out to be too clever by half.

January 22. Twice in a year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has demonstrated that Canada’s head of government can act unilaterally, although lawfully, to suspend a legislature. He did it once to avoid a vote of confidence in the House of Commons, and more cunningly, this time, for purposes of political convenience and to escape accountability.

TodayAfter weeks of being pilloried for shuttering the Commons, Stephen Harper is trying to win back disaffected Canadians by adding extra House sittings in March and April to recoup some lost time. The proposal sets a trap for opposition parties, which must consent to the move or undermine their complaints about Mr. Harper’s Dec. 30 decision to prorogue Parliament until March 3.

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