It is mostly Kady’s fault

Canadian Press talks to three rookie MPs about their first impressions of Ottawa. All are shocked and appalled. Conservative Shelly Glover suggests we’d be better off if Parliament could be allowed to do more of its business in private.

Glover, a former police officer from Manitoba, has a few ideas about how to improve elements of the parliamentary experience that she calls “disappointing” and “disturbing.” She wishes question period could be cancelled altogether. She also says more committee meetings should be held behind closed doors, without media present, because politicians spend less time grandstanding and more time working on solutions in the absence of cameras.

“I was shocked. We spend an awful lot of time in Ottawa participating in theatre,” Glover said. “And I call it theatre because much of it is orchestrated – and that’s unfortunate because I could be doing much better work for my constituents on the ground . . . and unfortunately I’m here playing the game of politics.”

Is the last bit an admission that she regrets moments such as this and this?

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