Many heartbeats

John Baird is willing to protect the polar bear just as soon as he protects the polar bear. From the scrums after QP:

Question: Will you agree to classify it as a special concern?

Hon. John Baird: Oh, you bet. In a heartbeat.

Question: Right now? Is this official?

Hon. John Baird: I’m telling you is we’ve got the recommendation to continue to look to the special concern and that’s a slam dunk. That’s not a difficult decision.

Question: (Inaudible) might have some impact on American (inaudible). Will it have any impact?

Hon. John Baird: This will be — you know I met — I talked on the phone three weeks ago with Mary Simon, the Inuit leader. I met with her last week to discuss this. We’ll be having consultations in the months ahead with Inuit leaders, with representatives of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut particularly. Obviously the situations are very different in each of the sub-populations. That’s why we’re waiting for the detailed science and we might have to take more aggressive action to deal with some sub-populations than others. But let’s be clear there is no doubt that global warming is a major factor and a major concern in this.

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