Oh, those Republicans

My first thought about the Scott McLellan memoir as cash-ploy was :” How come it was published by Public Affairs?” They have a reputation for modest book advances — even the publisher Peter Osnos admits it:

“Unlike some larger publishing houses, he said, PublicAffairs almost never pays more than a five-figure advance. “No one has ever done a book for PublicAffairs for the money,” he said.”

Liberal blogger, Glenn Greenwald, meanwhile, says the book proves the media is biased even if the who was paid to spin them says they were too easily spun.


Meanwhile, Dick “Magic Man” Cheney gave a political speech yesterday and did not comment on the former press secretary’s book, but did drop another Darth Vader joke (I am now collecting these, so please share, but only the ones the VP makes himself):

“I notice that Joe did not mention that the junior senator from New York has begun calling me Darth Vader. (Laughter.) I asked my wife recently if it didn’t bug her when people called me that. She said, “No, it humanizes you.” (Laughter.)”


And then for those readers here in Washington and elsewhere you don’t get the Toronto Star, here is a link to their continued coverage of Nafta-gate, and their story that the Goolsbee memo was leaked to the AP by Frank Sensenbrenner, son of Rep. James Sensenbrenner, the Republican former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and papa of the Patriot Act. He denies the allegation.

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