July 2The Harper government has denied an Alberta man’s bid for a transfer from a U.S. jail to a Canadian prison on the grounds that he may one day commit a crime … Van Loan has signed a rejection letter saying that because Curtis’s role was a “money man” and “transporter” in the drug conspiracy, he has “already taken several steps down the road towards involvement in a criminal organization offence. Given the nature of the applicant’s acts, I believe that he may, after the transfer, commit a criminal organization offence.”

August 13When Peter Van Loan denied Brent James Curtis a transfer from a U.S. jail to a Canadian prison in May, the public security minister said he believed the one-time elite hockey player would return only to stoop to organized crime — a belief that is at odds with his own staff’s review of the case, federal documents reveal. In fact, an assessment that tapped security and intelligence agencies concluded Curtis, 28, would likely not commit a crime if transferred.

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