Pixie dust

Here is the aforementioned magazine piece on Chuck Strahl.

If there is a minister in Stephen Harper’s cabinet capable of selling something new on the subject of Canada’s oldest struggle, it may be Strahl. Bob Rae has deemed him one of the best performers in the House of Commons. Equal parts folksy and stern, his metaphors are mostly food-based—“soup to nuts,” “peaches and cream.” He quotes Dr. Phil (“how’s that working for you?”). Even when talking about reopening the Indian Act, the contentious legislation of 1876 that has defined Aboriginal affairs ever since and is once again open for discussion, he pines for reasonableness. “I think that, while there’s a broad consensus that people don’t like it, both within our party and within the Aboriginal community,” he says, “what we’re doing is taking pragmatic steps to address outstanding issues instead of the big, grand reorganization plan.”

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