Spur of the moment bonus Caption Challenge: Flaherty. Shoe.

Winner declared on Friday morning


Runners-up: Blair (“So this is what taxpayers look like.”); Amateur Hour (“If I dial 99, does Barbara Feldon answer?”); Jonathan McKinnell (“These shoes have hardly any soul, reminds of me of some of the people I work with.”); CAPS (“Mr. Prime Minister, I finally managed to pull this out of my a**. Do you still want it back?”); and Jason G. (“This is the worst Blackberry ever.”)

Winner: Confirming my bias toward Lucky-Charms-themed humour as it pertains to our Finance Minister, I’m giving it to Patchouli (“Can I get these in green?”) Send your address and shoe size to me at [email protected] and your Dr. Scholls will find their way to you, Patchouli.


Because the only way I could like this photo any more was if it featured Gary Lunn and platform boots, I am declaring a bonus caption challenge:

No vote, but I’ll declare a victor on Friday morning. The winner will receive one (1) set of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles.