Stephen Harper announces formal policy of staycation

From earlier today, the Prime Minister comments on Omar Khadr and the government’s general approach to Canadians travelling abroad.

On dealing with Canadians abroad, look, one of the realities, in fact I was talking about this with some diplomats I met in Mexico and Panama, one of the realities we have in this world, with the increasing amount of travel of people and also the increasing proliferation of threats and circumstances of various kinds, you know, this is a more and more difficult area. There are more and more Canadians who have challenges when they’re abroad, of very different kinds. Government, the department of foreign affairs, does what it can to aid people, but we always advise people to be cautious when they’re travelling. The government of Canada does not control affairs in other countries. We do our best to aid those who are in various forms of difficulty, but ultimately we’re not the sovereign government once people leave our territory.

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