Weekend Viewing: Penguin vs. Batman, the Full Episode

Since blogs and even TV shows this week were showing that clip of the Penguin debating Batman, why not watch the whole episode? Well, episodes, actually, since as you know, each episode was divided into two separate parts airing on consecutive nights. I think the popularity of this episode has helped to remind a few people of how intelligent this show was at its best; how many action shows are there where all the laughs are intentional, where the writers and the lead actor actually (but subtly) make fun of the hero for being such a goody two-shoes, and where actors as good as Burgess Meredith turn in some of their best work? The political jokes still land, even the dated ones (“Harry Goldwinner”). Plus the basic story is good enough that Batman Returns ripped it off.

Part 1, “Hizzonner The Penguin”



Click here to see the rest of the episode.


Part 2, “Dizzoner the Penguin”

(This clip is the one with the debate)




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