’You know the price for snitching’

Immigration Canada cannot claim to be unaware of the threats against Cindor Reeves

In the last three weeks, Cindor Reeves’ relatives in Liberia have been attacked by men looking for him and his wife. They abducted four children who are still missing. The following email is from his mother-in-law:

I don’t know if I will be alive before this message reach you. Last night some arm man came to my house,and toke my four ( 4) children away. They came and met some people in the house and wanted to know where C.R and […] are,when they could’nt get good result then they ask for me and make a statement  saying we will kill those ungratful people starting with that socall mother in law […] .Atthat moment, I wos able to recongnize the voice of one.This follow came to the house as asympthizer, He repeated we will kill them know matter what. By the grace of God I was able run through the bathroom window with alappl and a T shirt,Leaving my children behind dont know their where about now.If  Ishould survie  it will be by the grace of God.You people force me to come back to Liberia saying Liberia was save for me now see what is happening to me? now where will I run to or find my kids

This email is from Reeves’ niece:

Greetings in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ,sir, since i started communicating with u,it is an unaccountable threat in my life that put in great fear.i hardly sleep in my house,i am been in constant hiding and i don’t want to make any report for me not be in greater target and my location identified,as i go from friend to friend just to disguise my location,and i am really tired with this life,i may not know what will eventually happen to me in this time of running from one place to another,i am greatly depressed,i am always taking along my kid,i have kept this information from u for too long for u not to get worried but it is out my close relationship with u that i have found myself in critical and fearful condition,and to make matter worst people have known that u are in Canada,that activated the pressure in me and my kids life until then stay bless

Reeves himself has been threatened directly:

President Charles Taylor took you as his own son and look how you repay paid Him by betraying to the international community and helped Him to get him in jail? Cindor IM telling you as I told you two years ago we will kill you here in liberia so we are not going through the trouble of killing you in Canada Because we know that Canada will have you deported to Liberia. Canada, The USA. Germany, and the EU. all used you and look where you at now? Apparently the death of your two sisters didn’t Hurt you enough so your mother in Law […] will died in the coming time time. the same way you made us to suffer by conniving with the international community to take our father , Brothers Uncle president away from us you will feel the weight of death, You will die a very solw and painful death CR. if you go to the cops we will know and take action right away mother fucker.

The following four statements, both threatening and in support of Cindor Reeves, were posted on the Maclean’s online comment board. Their authorship cannot be verified.

“Cindor Reeves ,C.R. ,C.R. I adviced you not to cooperate with the International Community you didn’t listen,you coperated with them look where it got you ? Me i didnt so tell me whose better????? SNITCHHHHHHHHH you know the price for SNITCHING.”

“Cindor Reeves you will rot in Hell ,you will pay for wheat you did to Charles Taylor. Hurray CANADIAN REFUGEE BOARD HURRAY ,hurray Jason Kenney i’m moving in your constituency you can count my vote for you and thanks Steven Harper. C.R. all along you was the enemy?”

“I’m a Liberian living here in Canada and most times we attend Liberian parties we see a lot of Charles Taylor’s ex – REBELS living here in Toronto under false names i think they are smarter then Cindor Reeves because i still don’t know why he came to Canada with his real name when he could’ve gotten a Liberian or Burkina Faso passports with false names and just enter Canada after all he’s not a wanted man,we the Liberian living in Canada feel so sorry for Cindor Reeves because he helped a lot of we the Liberian Civilians during the WAR. No one can point and say that C.R. fought in any of the wars because not a day he held a gun.”

“Cindor Reeves was not one of Charles Taylor’s Fighters i’m a Liberian Living in Canada and we here knows that Mr. Reeves helped a lot of us when we were fleeing Liberia i think his only crime was being the Brother in Law of Mr. Taylor and most of us in Mr. Reeves position would never have done what he did to help the International Community to bring Taylor to Justice after they had spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars through Military means to get Taylor out of Power, I was in Liberia recently and came accross a group of Ex- Taylor’s Fighters that asked me about Mr. Cindor Reeves because they knew i was from Canada, Former Taylor’s General now Senator of Nimba County Aldolphus Dolo asked me personally if i knew where Mr. Reeves lives in Canada, all of Charles Taylor’s supporters knows that Mr. Reeves is the one that got Taylor in Prison and they will never forgive him. Mr. Reeves is doomed if Canada returns him to Liberia.”

Jason Kenney: should Reeves be deported to Liberia, as your department has recommended, and should he be murdered, as appears likely, you will not be able to claim you were unaware of the risks.