Andrew Leach

Andrew Leach is a professor of energy policy at the University of Alberta, where he teaches courses on energy markets, energy investments and environmental policy. Leach's primary research areas are climate change policy, oil sands regulation and clean energy innovation and policy.
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Don’t count on Jason Kenney’s pipeline promise

Andrew Leach: Under the Alberta UCP leader’s plan, Trudeau would have a hard time approving the Trans Mountain project. In fact, so would Andrew Scheer.


The B.C.-Alberta pipeline fight could undo our national climate plan

Opinion: The climate plan depends on Alberta’s buy-in. Blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline could put that at risk and make it impossible to meet Canada’s emissions target.


Alberta’s strong carbon policy is key to getting pipelines built

Opinion: If the Trans Mountain project succeeds, it will be because Alberta played ball with the federal government on climate policy

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Why Petronas cancelled its plans for an LNG project on B.C.’s coast

Market forces played a far bigger role in the decision to scrap the LNG project than many seem willing to acknowledge

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Making sense of the legal fight over Alberta’s power agreements

What’s at stake as the Alberta government goes to court over buying agreements tied to coal-fired power plants?

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The economic cost of carbon policy

The chair of Alberta’s climate change advisory panel on what he wishes its final report had said about the economic impact of carbon pricing

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An inside look at Alberta’s new climate change rules

And why I’ve decided to become a climate change advisor to the Alberta government

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Should we trust the Alberta PCs on energy policy?

What the Prentice Plan would mean for Alberta’s energy resources, for refining in Alberta, for greenhouse gas policy, and for savings

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Four questions for the Wildrose Party about its approach to energy

University of Alberta professor Andrew Leach in conversation with the Wildrose Party about its energy policies

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What would energy look like under a Wildrose government?

Where Wildrose leader Brian Jean stands on the pace of oil sands development, carbon pricing, and what Alberta should do with its oil wealth

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Four questions for the Alberta NDP about its approach to energy

University of Alberta professor Andrew Leach in conversation with the Alberta NDP about its energy policies


What might the Alberta NDP government do with energy policy?

On many energy issues, it’s hard to find a lot of daylight between Alberta NDP policies and those of the other two front-running parties