Ontario PC politicians fail to find beer at convenience stores

Beer and wine are coming to a convenience store near you, maybe. In the meantime, you might find your local PC MPP there instead, snapping a photo or two.

Last week, Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives tabled a bill that would end the government’s 10-year deal with the Beer Store, with the mandate to bring beer and alcohol to convenience stores across the province.

It seems that Ford’s MPPs received a memo asking them to pose at their local convenience store then tweet out the resulting photo with some sort of forced earnestness either decrying the lack of hooch there now or commending Premier Ford for his move to make corner store beer a reality.

The cringe-worthy photo-ops are a sight to behold and are reminiscent of when MPPs posed at gas stations in protest of the federal carbon tax. The latest contrived PR stunt is drawing the ire of many Ontarians, who say that the bill and tweets are just trying to distract from the massive cuts that are bringing down Ford in the polls, which is ironic since most across the province are in favour of expanding access to alcohol.

Here’s a selection of some of those MPP tweets (including one from Christine Elliott, Ontario’s health minister).