A sorry shade of Green

From TVO’s suddenly hypertopical Agenda Blog:

UPDATE: I have spoken with Green Party Press Secretary Camille Labchuk. She says the party intends to issue an apology to the blogger known as Buckdog, who had been threatened with a lawsuit by Green Party communications director John Bennett for posting a link to Stephen Taylor’s YouTube video.

Labchuk said the incident “was a misunderstanding on John Bennett’s part about the way that YouTube works”. The Greens do not intend to pursue any legal actions against any blogger, Labchuk says.

There, was that so hard? Although honestly, I’m not sure what to make of the explanation behind Bennett’s initial overreaction to the clip, which was as bizarre as it was over-the-top . If he doesn’t understand how Youtube works, it might be best not to let him loose in Outer Bloglandia without supervision — and he shouldn’t be sending cryptic threats on behalf of his party without, you know, checking with someone first.