Brand reform

If the Prime Minister is looking for advice, Scott Clark and Peter DeVries have already posted their budget submission.

Mr. Flaherty, you have recently referred to the need for politicians in Europe “to show political leadership and courage” to solve the EURO area’s problems.

Although Canada is not in a fiscal crisis, the federal government, nevertheless, does face policy challenges that will require that you also show political “leadership and courage” to address them. You will need to put ideology aside. You will need to reverse some past budget decisions. You will need to confront entrenched economic interests and do what is right for the economy. You will need to become more transparent and accountable, and you will need to make Canadians part of the policy development process.

Included in their recommendations is major tax reform: the elimination of special tax breaks, the elimination of EI premiums, raising the GST by two points and lowering both personal income and corporate taxes. They also advise deeper expenditure cuts, with that money reallocated to infrastructure spending.

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