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Several points on the timeline.

First, a grey morning in March 2007, when Jack Layton starred in a silly little news conference. In its own way, a strange, perfect moment. Next, this sketch from February 2010, as Mr. Layton held forth a week after announcing his prostate cancer diagnosis. Third, this past April, aboard his campaign plane, when it all seemed futile, or at least as futile as it had always seemed. And finally, from earlier this month, an account of what was going on behind the scenes as he turned to face cancer once again: a look at Mr. Layton, who he surrounded himself with and how they and him regarded each other and what they were doing.

Here, again, is John Geddes’ extensive account of Jack Layton’s life. Here, too, is what John wrote as the NDP’s surge unfolded this spring.

After the jump, a number of other links to stories from the Maclean’s archives.

Layton on the eve of the election September 8, 2008
Layton bashing business October 13, 2008
Layton’s new ambition September 29, 2008
Layton hopes economic turmoil will help NDP November 17, 2008
The NDP reimagines its future
August 24, 2009
Jack Layton in conversation April 24, 2011
Does Layton have the nerve?
March 28, 2011
How Jack Layton won Quebec’s heart May 2, 2011

And, lastly, a collection of sketches that cover the spring election and the opening of a new Parliament.

The Commons: Rendered moot March 22, 2011
The Commons: Anything is possible April 29, 2011
The Commons: Questions of character April 30, 2011
The Commons: To believe May 2, 2011
The Commons: The day after May 4, 2011
The Commons: Opening salvos, politely spoken June 6, 2011
The Commons: Five rounds June 8, 2011

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