'I find that to be close to offensive'

Less than a week after the government’s man pontificated on what was, or wasn’t, revealed in unredacted versions of detainee documents, the Military Police Complaints Commission is told it will be allowed to see whatever the government says it can see whenever the government decides the commission can see it. Glenn Stannard, the former Windsor police chief who now presides over the MPCC, isn’t impressed.

“The documents will be given to your counsel when they are good and ready,” Justice Department lawyer Alain Prefontaine told the complaint commission.

The tone of Mr. Prefontaine’s response prompted astonishment from Glenn Stannard, the acting chair of the commission. “I find that to be close to offensive, not only to this panel but also to the public,” Mr. Stannard said. “The government of Canada can’t tell us how long it’s going to take to get the documents?”

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